A Re Yeng is intending to expand its operations between Hatfield and Menlyn in 2020 to 2021. The operations will be mixed traffic and passengers will board buses using kerbside bus stops. The bus operations will directly connect the Pretoria CBD with Menlyn, and will see Hatfield operations converted into a feeder route (F11). Passengers going to Hatfield will transfer at Loftus Versfeld Station.


From Hatfield, the forward trip will start at Loftus Versfeld Station in Lynnwood Road towards the east. The bus will proceed straight on Lynnwood Road and turn right into Atterbury Road. It will proceed on Atterbury Road until the newly introduced interchange at Dallas Avenue, where the bus will slide left into the interchange and turn right into Dallas Avenue. It will continue on Dallas Avenue and turn right into Atterbury Road. The forward kerbside bus stops are tabulated below:

Stops from Loftus Versfeld Station, Lynwood

Tshwane Bus Services
bus stop name
Street nameNext crossing street
Lynnwood O-3Lynnwood RoadHay Street
Lynnwood O-6Lynnwood RoadPienaar Street
Lynnwood O-7Lynnwood RoadOx Street
Lynnwood O-8Lynnwood RoadLower Terrace Road
Atterbury O-2Atterbury Road11th Street
Atterbury O-6Atterbury Road23rd Street
Atterbury O-9Atterbury RoadAccess to BP Garage
Atterbury O-10Atterbury RoadLois Avenue

Stops from Menlyn to Loftus Versfeld

From Corobay Avenue, the bus will turn right in Atterbury Road, continue straight and turn left into Lynnwood Road and back to the last station, Hector Peterson.

Tshwane Bus Services
bus stop name
Street nameNext crossing street
Atterbury O-4Atterbury RoadN1 National Road
Atterbury O-5Atterbury RoadJustice Mahomed Street
Atterbury O-8Atterbury RoadThe Village Road
Atterbury O-11Atterbury RoadLynnwood Road
Lynnwood O-9Lynnwood RoadKing’s Highway
Lynnwood O-10Lynnwood RoadBrooklyn Road
Lynnwood O-13Lynnwood RoadJan Shoba Street
Lynnwood O-16Lynnwood RoadUniversity Road