A Re Yeng is a combination of modern technology and infrastructure to offer passengers efficient bus services with dedicated lanes and passenger smart cards.

Here are a number of reasons why it is beneficial to use A Re Yeng:


No need to deal with traffic or struggle to find parking. Relax while you are on the bus, catch up on your email correspondence or connect with family and friends.

By making use of A Re Yeng, you are reducing overall vehicle emissions by not using your own private car.


A Re Yeng offers comfort and convenience with prices that compare well to other public transport services. Our fare system means you only pay for the distance you travel.

With the Connector card you need not have cash on hand. Pre-load your card and just climb aboard.

connector card

We also look after your safety with security staff at stations, CCTV cameras monitored by a control centre, closed stations and lighting at bus stops as part of our safety measures.